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Great news! Dr. Tan is now available to you right from your smartphone or computer for virtual treatment using HealthTap. Send me an email at to request an invitation for an introductory $19 consult. You can also directly register with to schedule virtual appointments.

About ME

Jocelyn Tan M.D.

I am a practicing US medical oncologist based in Pennsylvania. I work at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center and am a faculty member at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. I see adult patients with cancer and help them decide on the best option for their treatment. I research on ketogenic diets and cancer, while blogging and doing some academic writing. I do believe in the power of chemotherapy but also feel that nutrition can play a big role in helping your cancer treatment. I encourage people to access the latest medical information and to help them recognize the credible ones. If you need more information or would like to become my patient, I have a virtual clinic practice at where I do real time text consults or face to face video. USA and international patients are eligible. HIPAA compliant. This blog is for general information only. Results may vary from person to person. This is not meant to replace the advice of your doctors. 


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